Short Films

The Talent Agent - 2018

Role: Writer & Director

Cast: Christian McKay (Me and Orson Welles, Rush), Stephanie Vogt (The Royals, Sniper), Alice Henley (HBO's Rome)

Featured at the Festival de Cannes 2018 (Short Film Corner)

Link: IMDb

“Astonishing film! Soberly staged. Outstanding performances. Good story. Congratulations” – Karl Markovics (Actor & Director)

“It had a great energy and I think it's very thrilling.” – Meaghan Martin (Actress)

“I really like the film! Great performances and the film is well cut. – Robert Bierman (Director)

Interview by The New Current
Cannes Short Film Corner 2018 | Marco Sc[...]
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Puppet Theatre Barge - Promo 2016

Role: Director

The Last Encounter - 2015 
Role: Director, Writer, Producer
Cast: Erwin Leder, Stefan Fleming, Maria Happel, Susanne Michel

Premiere at the Austrian Film Museum

Link: IMDb

“Solidly made tragicomedy” – FALTER

Previews on ORF 2:

Time Does Not Pass - 2014

Role: Director, Wirter, Producer

Cast: Meaghan Martin (Mean Girls 2, Camp Rock)

Link: IMDb

Wege (aka Ways) - 2012
Role: Director, Writer, Producer
Cast: Sabrina Reiter, Stefan Fleming, Wolfgang Hübsch, Mercedes Echerer

Premiere at the Austrian Film Museum

Link: IMDb

Niemand (aka Nobody) - 2011
Role: Director, Writer, Producer
Cast: Michael Pöllmann, Fritz Karl, Erich Schleyer, Wolfgang Lesky, Stefan Fleming, Elmer Rossnegger

Premiere at the Top Kino Vienna

Link: IMDb


Marco Schleicher is an Austrian director and writer. Previously, he worked in the Assistant Director and Casting department for film, TV and theatre.

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