Casting Workshops for The Actors' Guild of Great Britain (2018) - At Spotlight (Leicester Square)

“Informative and inspiring workshop” - Sam Benjamin (Actor)

“It was really useful” - Smari Gunn (Actor)

“Thanks for the great workshop!” - Noémie Nakai (Actress)

“A real pleasure” - Lily Catalifo (Actress)

Workshop Description from The Actors' Guild Website:


Marco has worked on a range of projects; from Blockbuster movies to High End TV drama to commercials.


Marco has chosen three scenes for this workshop. The scenes are from the following films & TV shows: “The Imitation Game”, “Penny Dreadful” and “Kong: Skull Island”. Together with Marco you will prepare one of the scenes for an audition. Marco wants to give you an understanding for the construction of a scene and the character arc. This method of analysing scenes will also help you to get the beats, turning points and pauses right. Furthermore, Marco wants to discuss some character descriptions with you to clarify what a casting director is expecting to see.


In small groups you will prepare the other two scenes. Then Marco will create an audition atmosphere and work on the three scenes. He wants to show you what a casting director is looking for in an audition; like seeing multiple sides of the character, having the right body language, being flexible to new directions etc.


In the end there will be some time for questions.


Marco's credits include: HELLBOY, ANGEL HAS FALLEN, POLAR, THE OUTPOST, NOS4A2, PINE GAP (NETFLIX), THE ROMANOFFS (AMAZON), LORE (AMAZON), WHISKY CAVALIER (ABC), BT COMMERCIAL, BOSE ADVERTISEMENT. He also assisted the following directors at the casting stage: TOM HOOPER (director of "Les Misérables" & "The King’s Speech"), NEIL MARSHALL ("Game of Thrones"), ROD LURIE (“The Last Castle”) and RIC ROMAN WAUGH ("Snitch"). Previously, Marco has worked in the Assistant Director department for film, TV and theatre. 


Marco Schleicher is an Austrian director and writer. Previously, he worked in the Assistant Director and Casting department for film, TV and theatre.

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