Short Films

The Talent Agent - 2018

Role: Writer & Director

Cast: Christian McKay (Me and Orson Welles, Rush), Stephanie Vogt (The Royals, Sniper), Alice Henley (HBO's Rome)

“The Talent Agent” was featured at the Short Film Corner at the Festival de Cannes 2018

“Astonishing film! Soberly staged. Outstanding performances. Good story. Congratulations” – Karl Markovics (Actor & Director)

“It had a great energy and I think it's very thrilling.” – Meaghan Martin (Actress)

“I really like the film! Great performances and the film is well cut. – Robert Bierman (Director)

Interview by The New Current
Cannes Short Film Corner 2018 | Marco Sc[...]
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Puppet Theatre Barge - Promo 2016

Role: Director

The Last Encounter - 2014 
Role: Director, Writer, Producer
Cast: Erwin Leder, Stefan Fleming, Maria Happel, Susanne Michel

Time Does Not Pass - 2014

Role: Director, Wirter, Producer

Cast: Meaghan Martin (Mean Girls 2, Camp Rock)

WEGE (aka Ways) - 2012
Role: Director, Writer, Producer
Cast: Sabrina Reiter, Stefan Fleming, Wolfgang Hübsch, Mercedes Echerer

Niemand (aka Nobody) - 2011
Role: Director, Writer, Producer
Cast: Michael Pöllmann, Fritz Karl, Erich Schleyer, Wolfgang Lesky, Stefan Fleming, Elmer Rossnegger


Marco Schleicher is a young filmmaker. Besides writing and directing his own projects he works in AD and casting department.

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